Logic Pro 9 Korg Triton Working, but no Sound?


I am trying to record from my korg triton into logic. I currently can record it in as an external instrument and have even recorded it as a software instrument.( I tried both ways) However I am having this problem.

The playback is exactly like the sound from the triton. However, when I cut the Korg Triton off the sound changes to a piano recording. If i change channels on the Triton the audio changes in logic.

Where did I go wrong? How can I record it as audio? When I try to record as audio the the audio is flat lined and no sound is detected or recorded?
OK - let me ask a couple of basic questions then.
1. do you have a physical AUDIO cable connected between the AUDIO output of your Korg to the AUDIO input of the Presonus? This is the only way to record the audio output onto an audio channel in Logic.
2. If you are using inputs 1 and 2 for your AUDIO input, do you have the input knobs on the front of the presonus turned up?
3. Have you added an audio track to Logic, and assigned its INPUT to the appropriate channel of the presonus? (input 1-2 if stereo)
4. In your Logic Preferences, under Audio, have you set your inputs to be the Presonus inputs?
5. Have you enabled recording on the new audio channel? The red "R" button should be flashing, and you should see level on the track meters when you play your instrument.

6. If you already have the instrument recorded on the midi tracks, you should then be able to hit the RECORD button on the transport, and watch as the MIDI tracks control your keyboard, and the AUDIO from the audio out of the keyboard is recorded to the new enabled audio tracks in Logic. (Note, you should also make sure that the MIDI tracks you already recorded are NOT in record mode for this pass)

If that isn't working, then double check your physical audio connections. Finally, in order to hear just the recorded audio tracks, you will need to disable the two MIDI tracks you previously recorded, presumably by muting them. If the output of the newly recorded audio track is sent to the Presonus, you should hear the recorded audio track playing back. And of course, you should see analog audio waveform on the recorded track.

If that doesn't work - then I think you may need to contact presonus tech support. But first, I suggest you carefully read through the pdf manual that comes with the presonus (or that you can download from their website) .

One last thing - I noticed in the Presonus manual that the hook-up diagram suggests using the SPDIF connection from a keyboard to the Firebox expansion cable. If this is the way you have connected the unit, you will have to select different inputs in Logic. On the Firebox, those would be inputs 5-6. I have been assuming you are using the ANALOG outputs of the Korg, and the ANALOG inputs of the Firebox above. The SPDIF connections are digital, and should only be connected to another digital input/output set.

Hope that helps.


Yes....I am able to record.

Does anyone know why the playback is not going through the firebox.

All the settings in logic and the mac are set to the firebox.

Itunes plays through the firebox. Logic playback does not?

any ideas?
Have you looked into the Fireboxes own mixer application? The audio levels might be turned off or be set up wrong in this software.


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Interesting thread. I too have Korg Triton Workstation. I have it connected to midisport. I also have a mixer which is connected to my computer, however the keyboard is the slave to Logic. NOW I have to figure out how to use a mic to interface with Logic. I KNOW there is a way.. I'll keep looking... great info here btw..


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I am helping my dad compose music on Logic. He currently composes on a Korg Triton Studio, and was wondering if the sounds from the Korg can be transported into Logic.

We have a 2009 Mac Pro 2.8G Dual Quad 8GB RAM running OSX 10.5.8 & Logic Pro 8. Since the Korg & the MP have S/P-DIF I/O, I thought an audio interface was not required and connected the two through a TOSLINK cable. I can now hear the sounds from the Korg on Logic. However, there are two problems - (1) there is latency of atleast 2secs between keystroke to sound on headphones (on Mac Pro), and (2) random noise (disturbance) is recorded in Logic.

1. Since the Korg spdif OUT is directly connected to the Mac Pro spdif IN, why is there so much latency?
2. Will an audio interface (say, RME Babyface) substantially reduce the latency?
3. Any suggestions on eliminating the random noise?



jluv, it sounds to me as if, even if you have connected everything correctly, you are recording on a MIDI track instead of an audio track. This is why your sound can change when you disconnect the Triton or change sounds on it - Logic is playing back MIDI information instead of audio. Make sure to add an Audio Track (select "New" from the Track menu in the Arrange page) and record your Korg onto this track.

If, when you use an audio track to record, you get a flat line (no signal) then the audio out from the Triton is not connected properly to the audio in of the Firebox.

You would think recording a keyboard into a DAW would be almost the easiest thing to do, but it turns out to be a lot more complicated than just using your Triton to play virtual instruments in Logic!