Krishna Synth Devine Machine ! where ?


...looking for one of the best synth Devine Machine Krishna Synth (AU) for Mac. the company unfortunately does`nt exist anymore...

looking forward for any help ?
thanks, but... the link to buy the synth does`nt work anymore :-( and i thought there is an AU Version too
The Devine Machine story has made me an extremely firm believer in karma. My story starts in 1999 when I bought a license for an standalone program called x-incarn. This amazingly awesome device evolved in to devine machine vsti a few years later and I happily shelled out the $279 for it. There was not a huge following for it. I know this because when they created a user group at KVR for news/discussion. Many KVR members,despite liking what it did, had complaints about the GUI and that is what not intuitive enough (translation: I can't be bothered to read the hefty manual).
For 2 years the DM devs started threads asking what features people wanted in DM 2. For 2 years they talked about the future version with no sign of it actually happening while another plug-in was developed.
Then one day I was in the kvr chatroom and a member of the team came in starting a chat about a new vsti coming that,despite having a new name and design,would basically be the promised DM 2. I was the only interested person in the chat who owned a license for DM so he started a private chat telling me about the beta testing that was going on. I said I wasn't much in to beta testing but he told me with a nudge and a wink that because I bought DM all I had to do was join the beta group and I would be eligible for a copy of the new vsti,so I joined. I actually did testing and found a few bugs that I reported. During the beta process it was announced that fxpansion was collaborating with 'Link' . The new DM would become Guru,and be promoted and sold by fxpansion.
When the beta testing was over and Guru was released,lo and behold, there was no copy of it for me...but there was something even worse
Guru was ultimately just a groove box/slicer that had no resemblance to the awesome DM. I could have raised a stink and sent e-mails asking where my copy was,but by then I was disappointed in what it had become and didn't bother.
Krishna was interesting but overpriced and by the time of its release had major competition from other great,less costly alternatives.
Now it's 2013. Guru has become Geist, an update that involved all new coding from the ground up. Devine Machine's site is in the realm of the wayback, I am still using DM 1.5 which is still awesome, and geist is just another fancy groove box that can't hold a candle to it.