Logic Pro (X) Kronos to Logic X Record Audio Tracks

Ronnie Reverb

New Member
In a midi track all works fine, Kronos to Logic X, though the sound is dictated by whatever Logic library sound is assigned to it; E.g., synth, piano, orchestral, etc. etc. But what I'm interested in is to directly record the actual sound of the combis or program modes, such as Era of Kronos, etc., etc.

When I try this with an audio track, I can hear combi or program, but this is constantly being interrupted by lots of heavy static, like 1 second of the combi, followed by 3 seconds of heavy statis, back and forth. A Logic X senior advisor had no answers. My only guess would be that possibly the Logic X Audio Prefs need some tweaking, or possibly some tweak to the audio track itself??
It's good now. Without making any changes, in retrying it today, I can now use both MIDI and/or audio as originally envisioned and desired!

Looking back over the last 10 days since I got my new Power MacBook, I realized that there was several items, such as the wifi printer, which initially weren't functioning properly, with Mac telling me I'd have to get new drivers from the manufacturer, etc., but after a day or 2 of opening and closing programs and rebooting once or twice a day, those things got self-corrected and so it was with the Kronos audio setup, unlike the MIDI track.
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