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Loving The Logic Users Group
I am a newbie to logic and have loads of questions. I have asked one and found the answers to a few others by searching the forum b4 starting a new thread.
I spent many years recording on old four tracks with a few outboard effects and am now "the kid in the candy store".
I can see that I will be learning much about Logic for years to come and just wanted to thank all who have come here and asked questions over the years.
This is a wonderful resource!!!!
Thanks again

Pete Thomas

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Thanks Brian, we love posts like this! It's good to get feedback on the forum, especially when it's praise but also positive criticism of course.

It's also great when people actually search before asking.

I'll move this to the "Discuuss the LUG site" forum though as the forum originally posted to is specifically for discussing the applications such as Waveburner that come bundled with Logic Studio