Logic Pro 8 L8 Mouse Scroll Zoom Change?


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I finally upgraded to L8 from 7.

I'm generally pleased although a bit confounded that the mouse scroll wheel zoom mechanism appears to have reversed direction.

What I mean is, scrolling "up" with the alt+command keys pressed used to zoom in now it zooms out.

The way it used to be was consistent with Pro Tools and many other apps that use the same concept.

Anyone know how to switch it back?


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Sorry, there's no way to switch it back.

Apparently that's the way Apple's other Pro apps were setup, so they switched Logic to conform to their standard.
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Unfortunately you can't switch that as 00420 pointed out.
This caused a lot of headache when I switched from L7 to L8. So you're not alone here, maybe this will make you feel better ;)
Frankly, this kind of stuff just doesn't make any sence to me... Why in the hell did they do that? Is it THAT important so the forced all the L8 users feel like they're using completely new program?
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