Logic Pro 9 L9 - GUi customization, minor changes

Some good new about L9. The customization of the GUI by replacing specific image files inside app's Package Content is still working.

If you feel that Logic Pro requires at least some decent dB scales and LED metering on the Channel Strip Fader to be called a ProApp, just do it yourself.

L9 however changed the folder structure of it's Framework directories a little bit. So here is a quick link to a zip file with the images. I placed the images into two folders with their name reflecting the directory path to the final folder where to put the images. You open the treasure door (like any other OSX app) by right clicking on the Logic app and selecting "Show Package Content"

I will update the data on my Manuals page (http://rothermich.com/Manuals/) in the next couple of days, but that zip file here will have all the images that you need.


For those of you who haven't seen what is possible, here is a screenshot with the modified GUI. And please, if you have a different color preference, don't bitch around, either ignore it or create your own, it is pretty simple.
(I wished there would be just as easy a modification to get long file name support.)