Logic Pro 9 L9 randomly pastes regions and notes in the wrong place


Hi, I have a maddening problem with L9. Randomly, when copying a region in the Arrange, or notes in the piano roll (for example to the next bar) the region/note would appear not to have pasted. On closer inspection, it has pasted, but to a bar often way beyond the length of the arrangement (eg original destination 80, pasted part appears at 2549).

When this happens, the only way to get it to paste in the correct place is to undo, then click on another track in the Arrange page and then click back onto the original track and re paste. It will usually then paste in the right place, but it is very annoying to lose work flow to have to do this.

Likewise, when inputting MIDI notes with step time in the Piano Roll, it will sometimes not write where the song pointer is but at some random location. The only work round is as above. Very weird.

I've searched on this and other forums for similar occurrences, but without success...if anyone could shed light on this I would be very grateful.

OS 10.6.8, Logic 9.1.7, RME Raydat I/O, MOTU MTP AV.
Mac Pro 8 core, (dual 2.8ghz) 12GB Ram.