Logic Pro 9 L9 Score Ed Control Shift Won't Move by Ticks


In Logic 9, when I select an event in Score Editor and drag horizontally while holding the shift and control keys, the graphic location is changed by ticks, but not the actual sounding location. I can work around this by using the event list, but that's tedious and not as intuitive for me.

Is there a way I can toggle on the function of being able to drag an events actual midi playback location by ticks in Score Ed, as I can drag a region or event in the arrange and piano roll windows? It is very frustrating, as this ability is key to my method of composing and it seems to be broken in Logic 9.

As far as editing the graphic aspects of the score, this is a great feature, I just want to be able to choose which kind of editing I'm doing, aural or visual. Otherwise, the switch to L9 was the most seemless yet. Yeah, but where is the manual? It took a long time, and I still couldn't find out whether or not what I want to do is available.

Donovan R.