I am looking at buying a MBP with/for Logic Studio

I am working on a project in Spain but my first Language and definitely my 'Technical' Language is English

I use computers from all over the world and therefore KNOW that when the going gets teccy it is a nightmare

When the teccy nightmare is in another language it becomes a HORROR story

How do I get a MBP with UK Language Operating System and all pre-loaded programs in English

Should I just buy one online from the UK and have it shipped to Spain ?

Sounds like the easiest option

If so....

Where do I look for an online Apple store in the UK ?
I don't think there is more than one online Applestore for the UK, this is it:

The telephone sales support is generally good and you'll probably find out what you need to know from the horse's mouth, but it's an 0800 number, I don't know if you can get trough to those internationally.

f you want to get the best telephone support IMO, ask for business sales.