Logic Pro 7 & earlier LAS 4.6 on Win 7 : installation problems


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Hi ! Best wishes to everyone at the LUG community!

My year hasn't started too brillantly though: although "gone Mac" last year, I still use a PC with Logic Audio Silver 4.6 (upgraded to 4.8) for my older projects that won't play in Logic Pro. I just purchased a faster PC with OS Windows 7. As I try to install Logic 4.6 on it I encounter several problems:

The first installation was ok, it ran with glitches and noises but that was without tweaking the system. 2 days later Logic suddenly stopped and computer displayed: "this program is not working anymore. Please re-install or contact the supplier..."

The first attempt to re-install error'ed out, saying it couldn't find a certain .dll bit.

The second up to the 5th attempt displayed "Cannot read files, CD-ROM is damaged" (checking on an other PC showed it is just fine).

The last attempts all ended up with the message "Due to your internet security settings one or more files cannot be opened". This is with Windows Firewall, Defender and Anti-Virus programs all switched off!

I have no idea on how to proceed from this point.

My specs are:
processor Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T7500
2 Gb RAM
64 bit operating system

Can anybody help me out? Thanks a million !
I hope someone can help you, meanwhile a small rant from me:

As we know Logic 9 won't open older files, those of us lucky enough to still have a copy of Logic 7 on mac can use this to open and save these old files for Logic 9.

People who switch from an old Windows version to a current Logic 9 are basically stuffed in this regard, I wish Apple would at least include an optional Logic 7 with new purchases so that customers like this are accommodated and rewarded for staying loyal, buying the new version and forking out for a Mac.

Rant over.
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Yeah, a lot has been said and written about Apple telling people from the Emagic era to get stuffed... Including an optional Logic 7 with the Pro version would have been an excellent idea ànd beautiful gesture from Apple. And it can still be done as a download! Any one at Apple listening??!!

Dunno about Logic 5 or 6. I learned through several sources that only versions 7.1 and 7.2 do the trick as to convert between old Logic versions and L Pro, and those are hard to come by apparently.
And I don't want to hassle anyone with the request to convert my old projects for me, there's SO MANY of them...

Big thanks for the XP Mode idea !! I didn't know it existed, as I said I'm new to W7.
I have Windows 7 Ultimate btw; according to your link it qualifies for the XP Mode so this is something I'm definately looking into.

Where I'm at now: I managed to install Logic 4.6 and its update by copying the CD-Rom and the update via an other PC and a USB stick. Now I can run Logic but with a lot of difficulty: harsh noise when operating faders, loops won't play, can't open the file director,...

So I made progress but can't wait to see what the XP Mode does. Thanks again for the link!
I'll keep you posted!
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