Logic Pro 9 Latency / audio card



1. If i buy a RME hdspe aio card will i have a lower latency at the same buffer size as now when using a standard internal mac pro (2010) audio card ? So for example now at 1024 mb buffer size i get no glitches but the latency is such that i can not play ewql instruments live ?

2. Will latency of RME hdspe aio card be perceivably lower then latency of a cheaper emu or Maudio pcie audio card or just a better sound quality and nothing else?

Thank you
1) yes you can lower the latency to 256 (with about 11 MS latency) or 128 with sessions that use less VI's.

2) The RME audio drivers are among the best out there, but the only way to be sure that they would be "faster" would be by testing them head to head, so I can't be sure that they would be better.

That said, PCIe is faster than USB or Firewire, and the RME TotalMix software is very good.