Logic Pro X Latency issues virtual drums vs acoustic instruments


Hello. I constructed a virtual drum track in a new Logic project using Superior Drummer 3. When I'm overdubbing real electric bass guitar, the playback of drums and bass is out of sync. The bass track plays back late compared to the virtual drum track. All Logic project plugins are deactivated (except for superior drummer). I've tried re-booting and multiple combinations of settings and latency compensations within the logic prefs. 48khz, 24bit, AIFF, I/O buffer 64, plugin latency compensation-off, playback pre-roll-off, low latency mode-off. I tried many different settings for latency compensation and recording delay, etc. Several hours of experimenting with record settings yields acceptable sync between existing virtual drum track and overdubbed bass guitar by setting in preferences/audio/devices/recording delay - minus 2100 samples. Negative 2100 samples offset seems like a staggeringly large amount. There is nothing else going on in this Logic session. Just the virtual drum track and real electric bass (plugged in via DI input). There are no compressors or other plugins activated.

What am I doing wrong? Can't this be simpler ? Thanks to any & all for help & advice !

Mac Mini 3.2 GHz i7, 64GB ram, Logic Pro X 10.5.0, Metric Halo LIO-8 v.6.0, MH Driver v.2.0.68, MHlink,