Latency with the MH2882? What can I expect?


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Hi Guys,

I am looking at the MH 2882.

Just wondering realistically what round-trip latencies I will get at 44.1 on Logic 9. I'm running a quad core Mac Pro at present (2009).

I have been looking at RME's UFX, and the latency quoted is about 4ms at 32 samples, and about 5.5ms at 64 samples.

I would love some info from someone who is using an MH2882 with Logic 9 - if you could go into audio preferences and tell me what round-trip latency is shown there (below where you select the interface and buffer) at 32 and 64, I'd really greatly appreciate it.

Cheers and thanks in advance.

2.6ms at 32, 4ms at 64.

If you don't need to monitor in Logic during recording, you can use the 2882's onboard mixer to monitor your sources with 1.5ms latency.