Logic Pro 8 Later version than 8.0.2?

DSP Hungry

I opened a session that was given to me and was prompted with "This session was created with a later version of Logic and may cause harm to my system"
It is a Logic 8 document? I am running 8.0.2.. how can there be a later version than 8.0.2.. :(
Actually it does, albeit with a warning message. There can be big issues with using processes in L9 that aren't available in L8 (flex, for example). I've done it, not sure I'd recommend it.
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Yea, the version thing can be a bit confusing: Logic 9 can open L8 files, Logic 9 can open 7 and 8, but not 6 or lower, Logic can open Garage band sessions, but be careful that they are not too old, or you end up with a session where all the routing is messed up (like a Logic 7 session would be)...

got that ;-)

George Leger III
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One unusual artifact that I have noticed with clients bringing projects that were started in GB is that the send routings often leads an actual Bus objects in the mixer instead of the expected Aux with the bus routing assigned as the input.

Bus channel strips are practically unheard of in this day an age. We always see Aux channel strips these days with busses just used as the virtual routing pathway. Seeing this behavior is like encountering an extinct species. It's like stumbling on to the fossil of a dinosaur :)
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Hey Doug,

Yeah it is possible. But it's always a bit of a fustercluck. Not to sound elitist, but in my experience the clients bringing in GB projects are always the ones who don't want to spend the time/money sorting out these little things. They're the ones who think they can do it all themselves, and then realize half way through that they've painted themselves into a corner. Then they usually just want me to clean up their mess and slap a plug in or two on the output. ....Okay - that sounded jaded. I'm not really ..........
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I don't know why the GB people don't come to me; I've helped just one or two people in the last 5 years. Suddenly sounds like that isn't a bad thing......

However, I do know my way around a bus object should the situation arise. (Remember trying to explain those to DP and PT users back in the day?)
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