Logic Pro 9 Leap into Snow Leopard?

Hi All,

I'm having memory issues, even with most of my Spectrasonics stuff running outside of Logic in the Vienna Ensemble Pro 64 bit server.

MacPro 2.26 Nahalem 8 core
16 gigs RAM

I'm just starting a big project and am considering switching to Snow Leopard. I have a backup internal system drive that I can install it onto but I was just wondering how it's doing.

I use:

ProTools 8
Logic 9
Kontakt 4
and a bunch of soft synths and plug ins

I have all of those running in snow Leopard on my macbook pro. I'm about to finish updating our A room with the same setup as you list. (sans pro tools) I haven't had any issues making it through the session. K4 and and Spectrasonics can at times through curve balls but it wasn't any different on earlier systems and the Vienna stuff has been spot on for me. No "new" issues to report. K4 just had an update that I haven't used yet, as did the Spectrasnics stuff.

If you run into any specific issue you could always email me.


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Good luck, Judith. I went to SL, and wouldn't do it again. There have been just too many Logic (and other) related bugs that growing out of SL. In the past, I've kept my audio installation one OS version behind the current one, with no problems. Be interesting to hear your results.
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When did you go to SL and what were your problems? I'm usually conservative about these things too but memory management has become a real issue for me. In any case, I'm installing it on a back up drive to test it out.
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Hi Judith -

I went to SL about 5 months ago, I believe. I lose track of time - it was in the stores some months before I bought it.

I used Logic 8 with very few problems at all, for about 18 months - first under 10.4, but mostly under 10.5. Immediately after SN upgrade, 8 showed random problems - the midi transform editor was erratic, the environment's midi instrument editor failed, EXS24 did not import all forms of samples correctly, and the list goes on, all problems new with SL.

So I bought Logic 9, and the problems remained. Logic 9.1 upgraded Logic to conform to the changes in SL, but there are still problems. EXS still does not import GIGS correctly, and some of those I use heavily (symphonic strings, etc.).

I had the same experience in going from 10.4 to 10.5, with Logic 7. It just seems that Apple changes the OS first, and then patches the apps to follow. Because I have two separate systems on the same Mac Pro, I am considering reverting to 10.5 for my Audio, leaving 10.6 for programming, etc.

I might add that today, visiting with my composer friend in Dallas, he was having real troubles with Pro Tools and his installation with a Digi 002. I'm not familiar with PT, but he was rather perturbed about its operation under 10.6. And I cannot remember all of his complaints, being unfamiliar with PT.

A separate music installation has always served me well, staying one version behind on the OS. But each to his own, and I certainly wish you well. I just want Logic to work relatively bug-free, without stalling my workflow, so I can forego the niceties of the newest OS.

Best luck!
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Funny you should mention the Giga problem. I just encountered it for the first time today. That's a big bug. I'm about to look into using Giga sounds in Kontakt 4. You're right about Apple putting out buggy software. They even manufacture buggy hardware. Case in point the latest firmware update for the current MacPro to address a major heat issue when running audio, light audio even, like iTunes. Despite my griping, I just gave away my PC which I'd used for Giga and though I might regret it a tiny bit right now because of the Giga issue in Logic, I'm a mac gal through and through.
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There's a lot more, too, Judith. I'm having trouble with viewing 3rd party synth automation in arrange - it simply "hides" sometimes, and doesn't show up. And sometimes midi channel assignments/sync don't function perfectly in arrange, with external synths. I didn't have any of these probs under 10.5.

I dislike to complain, but this is a problem/solution forum. I adore Macs, and despite the bugs, OSX is a Mercedes compared to the Win system. If you're a programmer, you can really appreciate that. But Logic 9.1 and SN are not the best combo for me yet.
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For me 9.1 and Snow Leopard are the most stable I've seen in a long time, the only really weird problem I've had is sometimes when I load up a song Logic doesn't see all of my outputs, [I have 48]. Usually a reboot of logic will work. But it's been running smooth otherwise
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Hey Musiclab - is this true in 32 as well as 64-bit mode? Some of my probs are in one, and not the other.

May I suggest that you start a new thread, outlining your problems in detail? That way, perhaps someone will be able to offer specific help. FWIW, 9.1 is running very well in 10.6.2 here, both in 32 bit mode and (the various known issues notwithstanding) in 64 bit.

kind regards

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I'm running in 32 bit right now because most of my plugs are 32 bit. I work differently than most here while I do use virtual instruments especially the sample playback stuff, I don't mix ITB and I don't use any ITB processors
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I'm using OS10.6.2 and L9.1. I upgraded from OS10.4.11 & L7.2.3. I cloned my system drive before upgrading and can boot from it if need be but so far (touch wood) it's been working just as well as my old setup (which was very stable).

I re-created my template from scratch in L9 rather than importing my old one as I've been warned that can cause problems.

On the Giga issue - I recently downloaded a free trial (and then bought) G-Player. It's a dedicated Giga file player for OSX and Windows and plays the files without any conversion needed. I still have the option of loading them in GVI on my PC (hosted in VE Pro) but I've pretty much dedicated that box to Vienna Instruments. Google it if you're interested in trying it out.

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Judith, the '09 "nehalem" audio bug was not fixed by a firmware update.

The fix was released feb. 11, http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4034

and is only for 10.6.2, apple has not released a fix for 10.5. I'm on 10.5.8

and still no fix. So about to upgrade to snow leopard just for this "fix"

Download Temperature Monitor(free)http:www.bresink.com/osx/TemperatureMonitor.html and watch your temps soar. Not to mention power consumption and cpu hit.

Some people have reported problems with firewire interface after the audio patch. Don't really want to go to snow leopard yet, but it seems I have no choice at this point. Lame
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You should be able to see in the small graph the max temps which are listed

at 95 C. Thats under extreme cpu usage. These cpu's can take some

serious heat, but playing itunes for 15 min. temps go up 30 C with an idle

cpu. The worst part about the bug is 15x more power draw and the

20% reduction in processing power, merely playing audio. Anyways

check out http://9to5mac.com/mac-pro-audio-issues-nehalem-3245934

and http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2...ake-20-performance-hit-when-playing-audio.ars I wonder why apple has

not released a patch for leopard since thats what my '09 dual 2.26

mac pro shipped with.
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May I suggest that you start a new thread, outlining your problems in detail? That way, perhaps someone will be able to offer specific help. FWIW, 9.1 is running very well in 10.6.2 here, both in 32 bit mode and (the various known issues notwithstanding) in 64 bit.

kind regards

Perhaps this is worthy of a new thread.... I have found SL and 9.1, as well as PT 8 to be fairly stable, but in 32 bit mode. I am actually a little frightened of 64 bit, and actually not even sure how to start Logic in 64 bit mode... Anyone??
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I'm going to make the leap into Snow Leopard in the next few days. I'm going to install it onto my slave computer which is now only running Vienna Ensemble Pro as a host for Spectrasonics and other synths. Since this computer's function is pretty limited I think it will be a good way for me to ease into SL.
Next week we'll be getting a new MacPro, perhaps the new generation that will be coming out, to setup as a 'Studio B' computer. For that one, we'll do a clean install of everything.
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so far so good

I did the standard upgrade to snow leopard and installed updates.
And so far everythings working great. The audio heat bug is gone.
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