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Screen Sharing via iChat:

iChat is quickest and most SECURE way to make a screen sharing connection. What's especially cool about it is:

(a) you don't need to know the person's IP address to make a connection
(b) you can instantly shift back and forth between having your screen or the other person's screen fill up your display
(c) you can copy files from one computer to the other by dragging and dropping files from one screen to the other.

Here's what to do:

1. Select the other person's name from the relevant list.
2. A message pops up on the screen of the other computer, asking for the person's permission for you to share their screen. Presumably they are expecting this and will click to Accept.
3. Sit back and Learn Logic Pro!

*Note To use screen sharing, both machines must being running Leopard and have iChat open. Also, make sure Screen Sharing Enabled is checked in iChat's Video menu.

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