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Orren Merton

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Robert Penick said:
As a Win based user I'm stuck in the past so to speak. As such am much interested in archived posts. Have they been transferred to logic-users-group or do I continue to access them via Yahoo! Groups?

Hi Robert,

Good question! The bottom line is that one way or another, you'll be able to get to archives. For the time being, both the yahoogroup and logic-users.org are still up and have the archives. However, obviously things are changing. Not simply with the Logic Users Group, but none of us know how the groups functionality will play into the future business plans of Yahoo as they reorganize. But the main point is that we still have access to all of our archived posts, and still will.

It is not trivial, but we absolutely can move all our archives to a closed forum on logic-users-group.com called "Archives" for historical/search purposes. In fact, many vBulletin forums that originated from mailing lists have done exactly that. So ultimately, while the future of the Logic Users Group is solely at http://www.logic-users-group.com, the past will not be lost. :thmbup:


PS-you know, now that Mac Minis are so powerful, inexpensive, and Logic Studio is so attractively priced... ;)