Legibility "update" in 10.3.1


I'm posting this in the hopes that Logic developers read and consider. The new update boasts improved visual quality and legibility so I had my hopes up for about one second as this is a major peeve of mine. I have minor visual impairment so when the gray-on-gray scheme was introduced, it was an impediment to usability. The new version is just as bad and just plain stupid. Why would they make a scheme that is gray-on-gray and very difficult to read? Clearly no thought or consultation put into this persistent flaw.


It's the brand. Apple seems to be into "look and feel" branding and recognition. I agree that grey on grey is probably the worst possible combination, but I see a significant improvement in the visibility of active elements with this .1 update.

I don't expect the developers will change it. For a deeper explanation, see the old Dilbert comics on the differences between Marketing and Engineering.