Logic Pro (X) Library Search of All Presets?


Hello, all -

Is there a way to perform a library search of all presets (that is, plug-in settings across all different plug-ins at once)?

One can search all Channel Strips, and all Patches, but it seems only possible to search Presets for one specific plug-in at a time.

For example, if I am searching for "Mellotron", I would like to find all presets for all different synths with this word in the title. Is this possible within Logic?

(One obvious work-around is to create Finder-based searches, but it's far more elegant to perform searches within Logic).

The only alternative I can consider would entail creating Channel Strips (or Patches) for all relevant plug-in settings beforehand, or at least all favorite ones, but this would be a massive undertaking. Perhaps there is some way to automate the process of creating Channel Strips from plug-in Presets?