Logic Pro 8 Like Quick Punch?


Is there a way to have Logx8 while having a track record enabled to be recording all the time when in play and then hitting the record key command
and the audio would be captured kinda like what Logx can do w/MIDI: capture after the fact as long as Logx is in play of course. I've been doing this w Logx 6 and DAE for 20 years. Sure has caught allot of, off the cuff magic not to mention practicing along w a seq and then capturing it saving the great moments.
If it does it I really want to know. I thought I read it some where.
Yes, you can do this. Enable the punch on the fly command (under the Audio menu) and then when the audio track is recorded enabled and playing, if you hit record it will punch in and capture everything that was played before the record command was invoked.

The only thing is that it will only create the region from where you punched in at. To access what was played before that point, you need to drag the left corner of the region back to where you want it to start from.
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This is one of those not so talked about features that is really useful.
Just another point of interest though, is that there are certain audio editing in the Arrange related things, that are disabled when punch on the fly is active. Most notable being that you can't cut audio regions with the scissor tool when in play mode, like you can otherwise.
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Hey, it just worked. And it doesn't even skip when I hit record!!
The last thing I did before this worked was to change the I/O Buffer size to 128 from 256. Do you think that was the problem?

PS Eli...... by the way you are so eloquent and I'm not
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Yeh I know from Logx 6 when punch on the fly is active you can't cut audio regions with the scissor tool when in play mode, I can deal w that.
Thanks so much.
I'm gonna get this and rock like nobody's business.....better than I do now in 6 which everybody thinks is too amazing including me.
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Latency: I guess I should start another thread, but by changing the I/O Buffer size , did I create less latency. At 256, when playing real bass I felt some delay?....I think??
Of course I'm spoiled and never had to expirence latency w Logx 6 and DAE TDM 24 Plus
and that was one of the main reasons I had to have it in 1999. I heard I should not have any latency with my Apogees yadaya
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Hi hurty,

Me eloquent!! Thanks :)

Yes, with Punch On The Fly, the punching in is immediate - no hesitation or hiccup. And that has nothing to do with the buffer setting. It has to do with Punch On The Fly mode being active.

You'll obviously get less overall latency at a buffer setting of 128 instead of 256. But if you're having trouble running your session at 128 and recording, try using the low latency monitoring mode. What it does is temporally disable any plugins either on the recording channel strip, or in it's output path, while recording. So, if you don't mind recording dry, this could be a good alternative for you. Keep your session at 256, but benefit from lower latency on the record enabled tracks when recording.
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PS: the lowest latency I ever had on any of my systems was in the mid-late 90's with my Digidesign AudioMedia ll Nubus card on a PowerMac 7100.
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I know what you mean . I had Session 8 on a Quadra and it was perfect. I would record on the same channel that had audio on and it could monitor it at the same time or have it punched out like an analog tape machine.....(and then fly the bk vx to an Emax or Kurzweil to trigger by midi. And then we had Adats (and D88s) to back up the audio tracks to a Tape. Did that with a 8 and16 trk Fostex 24 Tascam and MCIs and smpte code generators/readers also. What fun we had...and the hours spent on long distance calls by modems with Creative Labs (Emagic) in Cali, England and Germany. You know all that suff I mentioned above with the exception of a few tape decks I still have. So what? Ha

If you're into old gear, can I interest you in a Samplecell ll PCI card?? (I'm serious!)
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Very funny ...I must really sound like a chump. Ya know I have all that stuff because I needed it to get at 20 year old sessions. They even saved a few other producers and major studios butts. Just like my 933 MAc.... won't sell it probably ever! Need to get at those scuz buckets (as in SCSI) and Logic 5,4,3,2,1 sessions. :D
Anyway I was rambling and will try contain in the future.
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