Line 6 + Logic 9 = Bad News!


Both GearBox and PodFarm (the more important of the two) are hosed in Logic 9. Furthermore, if you try to reopen the song in 8 after saving it in 9, it, the same thing happens (kernel panic). Not sure this affects iLok users or not. I have an iLok, but my Line 6 plugins have the Tone Direct hardware as a ball an chain. Dying for a crossgrade to move to iLok instead, but they won't hear of it.

PS: Thank God AND Darwin for Logic 9's guitar pedals and amps; they are filling in PodFarm's shoes rather well (better, actually, in many cases), but I'm running scared from the day I open a song with a tone I can't beat. Let us now pray. :)

Anyway, read on for details of my misery.

Note: some users are under the impression the issue is caused by 10.5.8. I was running 10.5.6 and had the same problem, so I don't think they are correct. Upgrading my OS did not help, of course; but it didn't hurt either. It seems to be how Line 6 plugins interact with Logic.

So if your livelihood depends on Line 6, you best wait for an upgrade from them before moving to Logic 9.
Are you running on Intel or PPC? That would help further define the issue. I can confirm that I'm ok in Logic 8.0.2 on PPC but not in Logic 9 on Intel. I suspect the problem lies with Line 6 in Logic 9 on either platform.
Great, that's what I hoped. So now we know. It's a strictly Logic 9 / Line 6 issue. So my warning stands: If you open your L8 song in L9, hit save, reopen in 8, you will experience the same crash, as I did. Sux!

Thanks Jim!
What's really disturbing about the Line 6 crash is it seems to be related to the song file itself! Why else would Logic 8 crash the CPU in exactly the same way when opening the song in 8 after saving it in 9? It's kind of depressing to know that the source of the Line 6 compatibility problem is caused by a Logic 9 entry in the song file itself. Ugh :/
UPDATE: Because I am so heavily invested in Line 6, using their amps in many songs I am currently working on, I caved in and bought the iLok version of PODFarm. I removed all Line 6 drivers from my computer, reinstalled PODFarm Platinum, and the crashing problem vanished. I also noticed Logic launches faster now. So I believe the main issue is Line 6's license verification system with their own hardware. The iLok version of PODFarm works perfectly with Logic 9.

So my Tone Direct Gold is moving to my old computer. I still have a problem with the Logic songs saved with PODFarm 1.1 losing their PODFarm settings completely after the plugin has been updated to 1.11. My work around for this will be to open the songs on my old system, look at the loaded preset and then select the same presets on the newer computer and finally resave the Logic song on the new computer. I've been waiting months and months for Line 6 to fix this. But they haven't. They'll say they did, but they did not. C'est la vie. Where there's a will, there's a way, and I now have both.

Hope this helps anyone going insane in Line 6 hell. Cheers!
I'm so upset with Line 6 right now!


I have a x3 live that is now nothing more then an oversized dongle for Podfarm. They better pull their heads before they start falling behind. If you're bored and want some reading... I made some suggestions and Line 6 and Props basically told me to kiss it. So looks like I'll be a happily continued Logic user. I plan on making Logic my main focus of study. If they end up requiring a dongle for Reason I'll scrape off that program as a loss as well.
I'm sure they'll come up with an update soon for that. Probably not a good idea to run at the front of the pack as a Logic user anyway.
I loved my Line 6 guitar amp and and was overly excited about the prospect of running bass through the X3, (as advertised). After dealing with the thing it's clear that bass was an afterthought on that unit. Not happy! Reason, I consider a staple part of my setup and now with the introduction of Record and finally seeing the Line 6 influence bleed over into the Props I'm really not a happy. They should have taken some time and made it more inclusive, especially for customers who use both. I was invited from the beginning to be a beta tester for Record. Fr3ShiE don't do dongles! I all ready have the 1x2ft X3 dongle for PodFarm. As far as I'm concerned a customer is a customer. If I ignore my customer's needs and request, I don't expect continued support. I like to dabble and check out different stuff, Logic and Reason have been my favorites and continue to be. I really hope they don't ruin Reason with this deal but I have a feeling it's coming. I tried to plea my case. Like I stated in the Prop's thread, "If I didn't like the software I wouldn't even bother making these kind of suggestions."

Of course now in Logic, looks like bass players were all together forgotten and I'm having a hard time with the Loopback function in Mainstage. Also the Mainstage update has outdated my "for stage use" G4 laptop, I just can't win anymore...

I make Malt as part of the brewing process at the Coors Brewery but support all beer drinking! You know what I mean? ;-)
Line 6 , Logic 9

been on DP fopr 20 years.... ion between sessions, I've ,been watcvhing logic videos, making notes, etc.... bout ready to make the switch.
I worked up my first project in L9 today... just a small 30 second spot for a client, but I must admit I was having fun. - ..... Anyway, Iwas using Line6 PODfarm(ilok) on some gtrs and I noticed a couple of things... 1. - I couldnt search in the search field on the plug in gui. (not sure if that is a long time issue - as I have been using DP...and its been working fine), also - I was noticing some nasty attitude...- no crashes or anything like that.... it just seemed that podfarm... didnt want to cooperate... it was getting stuck, - some of the presets werent responsding correctly - etc,... so I moved over to the ik plugs and everything seemed to work OK.
But I must admit PODfarm wasnt acting right - .... I am running 10.5.8
Hmmm, scary. Rest assured, all Line 6 plugins worked great in Logic 8. I haven't had enough play time with them in Logic 9 yet. But I will be upgrading to Snow Leopard before I even get a chance. So things may get worse or better. I didn't see any issues in my brief initial test on 10.5.8, but I might have overlooked the things you just mentioned. Thanks for jumping in the conversation.
I finally gave up.:angryfire:

I'm giving up on Pod Farm, the X3 and pretty much anything else Line6 messes up. I gave it a good college try and was relieved to finally have the thing off my desk and out of my DAW. It goes back into circulation next week. Good Riddance! If they mess up Reason I'm going to be pissed! The X3 just is not a good solution for live bass...
UPDATE: iLok PODFarm is working fine on Snow Leopard with Logic 9; however the search function in the plugin is still not working. But everything else in the plugin is fine. I do NOT have the Line 6 Monkey installed OR any Line 6 drivers whatsoever (be careful not to install these when installing PODFarm for iLOK; use the custom install option). These are the elements that were crashing, not just Logic, but the entire computer.

I am now able to continue working on my old songs on my newer laptop. I even got my old GearBox settings working in PODFarm by copying those presets and tone files over from my old machine. What a relief. I hope this note helps anyone else in my position. My "over-sized dongle" a.k.a. TonePort Gold is attached to my old tower where it will stay in perpetuity.

Total cost of finding an affordable license for PODFarm Platinum iLok since Line 6 offers no crossgrade for its own customers? $155 on eBay. Ability to continue working on about 30+ songs that used these FX? Priceless. Disgust with Line 6 as a company? Tangible. Expectation that they will do something to screw up PODFarm worse after reading my workaround? High. Likelihood that I would drop them in a heartbeat and share my experience with everyone I can if they did? 100%. Hope that they see the light and start taking care of their paying customers? Mildly optimistic.

BTW, Line 6 is giving away PODFarm iLok (standard version) this month:
Just a quick thought that you might already have figured out:
Did you try to remove all USB connections and plug the line6 rack directly into one of your mac usb inputs ?
I had many problems with line6 pro racks thru usb hubs and it disappeared when connecting them to a direct usb mac port.
I tell you that because if it works with ilok and you don't use the line6 audio driver in logic, I think it should work without conflicting (though I don't use pod farm so I can only presume it would be the case)