Logic Pro 9 Link problem


If I highlight a region in one screenset I expect the same region to be selected in another provided the link icon is active. This is the behaviour I have come to expect going way back through the updates/upgrades.

Yet this project refuses to obey that (simple?) procedure.

Is there a known bug or has my song been corrupted?

The link icon applies to the current screenset only. For example, if you select a region in the arrange window, it will also be selected and shown in score or piano roll.

On my system though (Logic 9.1 OS10.6.2), even when link is OFF, a selected region remains selected in all other screensets.
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I don't believe that there is actually supposed to be a link between screensets.
Therefore, it is not a bug.

Read the Logic Pro 9 user manual p 104-105 about Link mode.

You could request this as a feature in a future version - however, as I said, a selected region STAYS selected between screensets on my system.
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