Logic Pro 9 Link / unlink doesn't seem to work on LP 9.1.1 64

Hi luggers,

I have a client who has a huge template, and he is getting frustrated with Logic's seemingly lost ability to use the link/unlink function.

Here's the issue: He is in the arrange page, with the mixer opened. He can see the area of the mixer that has a record track selected, this is where his submix bus gets recorded for strings. This track is not being seen in the arrange window at all.

Then he selects the string midi data track in the arrange window, and his mixer moves to the same channel: the strings midi data... his other track, the one he needs to actually see, is gone off the edge of the mixer...

Now, I was under the illusion that the link/unlink function should stop this behavior, also, the "Link control surfaces" selection in the view menu is unchecked.

Does anyone know a way to make this work so that if I select a track int he arrange window, my mixer won't move?

I hope I get an answer to this one... it seems I don't often get an answer to my complex questions... :brkwl:
this intrigued me because thats how i thought it was supposed to work as well. I cant remember the last time i used it for the mixer but thats how i thought it worked. Works here for piano roll, and score window, ( which is what i use it for) but not as suggested for the mixer.

It does work for the environment mx window, BUT only if you dont have a mixer window open as well, then it doesnt work WTF?.

So unless someone has a better answer, i reckon its broken. Just use the environment mixer instead? too painful? ...put the submix channels in an environment page in a screenset? (thats inelegant)

sorry i dont have an answer , your knowledge has been invaluable to me in the past.thanks

lets see what others think..
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If you select the actual MIDI region in the grid rather than the track, the Mixer selection will not change.

This is however, why some user still prefer to mix with Environment layers.
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Thanks guys,

Yes, I figure it's broken as well.

The issue with this is that if you work a certain way, Logic becomes allot more frustrating. If I select the region, then I don't get the midi in... the only way to work is to select the track, then the mixer moves.

Thanks for your suggestions and observations. I have asked a couple of the Apple/Logic people to see if this is a bug, or if they have a work around... I'll keep you all posted.
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Would using two monitors solve the issue of the mixer tracks moving off-screen? In using two 1920x1200 monitors there is a lot of screen viewing available (3840 x 1200).
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