Logic Pro 7 & earlier Linked Tracks.


When I create another track, now and again they get linked, ie if I click the record button it comes lights on another track, this also happens when selecting plugins.
Any ideas please?

I'm using Logic 7
You aren't creating a new track; you're creating a duplicate of an existing one. There can be multiple Arrange Window tracks all pointing to the same object in the Environment (to use old L7 lingo!)
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The manual says, to create a new track select" Create with next instrument" which does the same thing, but not always!
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Yes, but they have to exists first in the environment. IIRC, L 7 does not create them automatically for you. IIRC!
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You don't. You create a new audio object from under the new menu in the Environment. Then you assign it to the next available voice.

But honestly, I'm going from memory here. It's been several years since I've used Logic 7. I don't recall if it had any automatic audio track creation functions in it. The "manual" way to do it is Environment - New menu - audio object - assign the channel to the next unused one available.
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