Logic Pro 8 linking audio in logic


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audio will change if it's an apple loop. I just wanted to be able to import audio and change the tempo of the track to match the audio. Seems to be working.

How do you delete this post?
Hi Foggch,

I think you can only delete your post before a certain amount of time elapses (I think 5 minutes). But your question and solution is really not that outlandish, it's worth having up here.

BTW, even with an Apple Loop, if you uncheck the "Follow Tempo" button in the Inspector (the parameters above the channel strip) it will stop automatically conforming to song tempo.

Hope that helps,
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still new here and don't know how to make a new thread but I have a question on how to label audio tracks before there recorded, like with the abrev of the song and let's say Bass . Basically giving audio files names I (and the rest of the world) can recognize.
Kinda like I've done for the last 20 or so years w this program.
And how come I can't here the metronome??? And if I want change the sample and bit rate on newly recorded audio. Thanx
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Hi Hurty,

Lot's of questions there!

1. Name the track/channel strip in advance of recording, and the newly recorded audio file will take on that name.

2. Metronome - I need more info to give you a proper answer. Is it that you can't hear it above the mix? or is it just not wounding at all? Is the metronome icon enabled in the Transport bar? Default key command for toggling it is C. There is a fader for this channel strip with the Klofgeist on it. You can raise the level there in case it is a volume issue.

3. Bit rate gets changed in the Audio prefs, in the "Devices" section. Different sample rates cannot be mixed together in the same Project. To set it for the Project, go to the Audio section of your Project settings window and set it there. Or you can change it directly in the Transport Bar, provided sample rate is enabled in the display options.
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Thnx E
Clik came on next day guess it needed a reboot
nemed chn strip and recorded audio bt mane still was "audio..."
maybe it needed the reboot? I'm just so use to haulln on logx 6, feels like a Mac whereas 8 feels like a pc and god forbid PT. As far as bit rates I understand, I believe dif smpl rates can b used which I'm not used to using logx6 w PT DAE, all good.

Thanx again for all the help and quick responses
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