Live A/V Streaming Directly from Logic to a Web Page

I have been using VNC and Nicecast to provide instruction and listening sessions from Logic, but this is cumbersome and requires a client to install a VNC client and a brief walk through over the phone to do so.

What I would LOVE (!!!) is if Apple added a feature to Logic that would broadcast the video and audio from a Logic session (with the video and audio perfectly synced) to a client's web browser on a user-definable port.

Since there can be multiple windows in a session Logic would stream the primary arrange window, hopefully skipping the streaming of roll-out animations and going straight to a sub-window's rolled out state. Apple would need to dedicate some energy to optimization of what video elements are streamed so that remote viewing would be optimized. Then (as an OPTION), the video stream could switch to any second window WHEN it is active ONLY. Then you can chose how much you want the client machine to be able to see and restrict viewing to the arrange window if you wish. In the event of a screen set that doesn't contain an arrange window, the active window in that screen set would be viewed.

I hope that all made sense. You could run scoring, mixing and mastering sessions from anywhere in the world. Logic would really have an edge over other DAWs for many applications.

But perhaps a simpler solution is for someone to create a third party app (I think it would be in Apple's interest to build this into the OS) that would simply broadcast synchronized audio and video from the active window in a user-defined application to a web page on a port of your choice. Nicecast does this , but only with audio, meaning you define the application and only that application feeds the Quicktime stream.

In either case, I would also want the option of password protection for access to the web page. Then you could serve on port 80 (the standard port for the web) but still restrict access.

Note: Before responding to this, please bear in mind that this is a feature request. I am not seeking alternative suggestions as I've received a few good ones. This is a feature request for implementation by Apple in Logic or the OS itself.
Somebody asked a similar question recently, so it must be something a number of people are interested in...

You could use something like BoinxTV, which is a live broadcast medium, you could selectively broadcast areas of your screen and change the inputs as required based on client feedback.

Here's some information on their internet broadcast features:

It also works with Podcast Producer (Apple's product), which is a very reliable and robust mechanism for broadcasting multiple streams to the internet (can be bandwidth sensitive).

I've been using it for about a month now, and it's great, but I haven't had the need to use it with Logic yet, but I could imagine it would work.
I'm not actually looking for a work-around (see this thread for work-arounds). This is a feature request, but thanks for the suggestion. Boinx is a cool program.
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It works iChat to iChat only right? I want to reach all platforms, specifically I want to broadcast to a web page. Also, I don't know if iChat will port Logic's sound at the same time. But the matter is moot due to the above conditions.
Yep, only iChat to iChat... You would use Soundflower to route the audio into iChat, but yes, you are not going to be able to support all platforms in this manner.
you want this to be a 'feature' in Logic? I'm not sure you are going to be able to rally a lot of support for that, in light of the myriad of other requests floating about in the ether.

How many multiplatform users are you hoping to support in one sitting?