Logic Pro (X) Live Performance using multiple software instrument tracks


Is there any way I can assign a different software instrument track ( with a different voice ) to each of my songs that make up one project and trigger them from my midi keyboard. I am using Pro X to run all the backing tracks for our Set lists during a live performance and I also need to play a keyboard part live . Ideally I would use my midi keyboard to play a software instrument track ( sitting comfortably in the mix ) for Song 1 and then as soon as song 2 starts , my midi keyboard would trigger another software instrument track (and a different voice would sound ). Is there any way to do this ? The set order varies depending on the clients tastes so I cannot easily use a different midi channel corresponding to each song because when jumbling up the sets , I would have multiple songs using the same channel .
If I see correctly you need an Environment Channel Switcher which has to be cabled between the Physical Input and the Sequencer in the Click & Ports Environment layer. I have developed one long time ago (in 2003-2004 I think), which is very optimized using 6-7 Transformers only and no more-than 10 cables (which is ideal for cabling more Environment tools in the chain - bear in mind that Logic has a limitation regarding the midi message traveling).
I have published a Demo version of the tool in this forum. Download it and try.
Here is the Download Link.
If you have any interest of that tool, go to my web site published in my sig. below and use contacts.
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