Logic Pro 9 Load time longer and not responsive


I accidentally updated my Logic Pro to 9.1.6 with a Software update of my mac. Since then Logic is slower to load (it doesn't take minutes, but it's definitely slower than it used to be). I did not install any new plugins since the Logic upgrade. When the pop up screen appears to choose a new session or load an existing one, it's very unresponsive at first. I cannot select anything for at east half a minute to a minute. If I click on anything a spinning wheel appears and after some time it seems to come to live again. I did not have this behaviour before and I really regret updating. Anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions? Is there a way to go back to the earlier version? (I have time machine, but have never used it before to revert to an older version of software). Thanks for any help! Hans
I had the same problem and went back to version 9.1.5

How to recover the previous version via Time Machine:

  1. Go to your application folder and find "Logic Pro.app".
  2. Rename it to "Logic (9.1.6) Pro.app".
  3. Enter Time Machine and go back to, let's say, December 1 2011.
  4. Look if the Logic version in the old application folder is 9.1.5.
  5. If it is, right-click (ctrl+click) the application and save it to your current application folder.
  6. Enjoy immediate response after loading Logic ...
From now on Software Update will offer you Logic Pro 9.1.6 which you refuse.
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Thanks for your quick reply! I'm always pleasantly surprised because of the speed and the good advice on this forum (compared to the DUC for Pro Tools). ;-)

That worked very well. I put back an older version and now Logic starts swiftly again. I'm just wondering. I could have sworn that I was on 9.1.5 before and now I can only find 9.0.0 on the last 2 months of Time Machine. (I've checked Get Info every time to see which version it was). Is there any way that I can download 9.1.5 again?

thanks again
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