Logic Pro 8 Loading entire EXS instrument into Ultrabeat


How do you load an entire EXS instrument into ultrabeat, so that it's mapped out in ultrabeat?

The manual says:

You can import an entire EXS instrument into Ultrabeat by dragging an EXS instrument file from the Finder directly onto the Assignment section.

Ultrabeat reproduces the EXS layout as closely as possible. Layered EXS zones are set up as layered drum sounds, using the sample playback mode of Oscillator 2 (see Using Ultrabeat's Sample Mode).

Note: This method does not allow paging through the EXS instrument if it contains more than 25 sounds (samples). Ultrabeat will map only sample zones and layers that fall within Ultrabeat's drum sound range of C1 to C3. All other samples (zones) are ignored.

But I tried this and it only loads the EXS sample into each individual key on ultrabeat, how do you map it out across the ultrabeat keys? I think there is a way, I thought it would be easy but I can't figure it out. Thanks!
can anyone help with this please? I can't figure out how to load in EXS kits or shaker kits.

Many of the ultrabeat kits that show up in the media bin I cannot load in. They are ubs files. I really am trying to learn how to use these ubs files, that way i can get to the shakers that I know are on my mac but argh I just don't know how to get to them.

I cannot just load them in like a normal kit. Any help is much appreciated.
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