Logic Studio apps Loading Mainstage controller settings into Logic

Invisible Man

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Hello, this is my first post on this site...

I just purchased a new M-Audio Oxygen 61, with assignable knobs, buttons, and sliders. I've spent some time now in Mainstage assigning all of the different knobs, buttons, and sliders to different paramaters for different patches that I like to use, both in Logic and in Mainstage. I would like to be able to use these same patches with the same controller assignments in Logic. Of course, however, the Oxygen maps its controllers automatically into Logic, so most of these controllers are already pre-assigned to different parameters in Logic, such as pan, mute, solo, volume control, etc.

So my question is:

Short of manually re-assigning each button, knob, or slider to each parameter in Logic just like I've done in Mainstage, is there any way to import those settings from Mainstage to Logic? Ideally, I could imagine a situation where if I have an instrument open, the parameters controlled by each button, knob, or slider could be different than the parameters controlled by the same buttons, knobs, or sliders in the arrange window.

Thank you; any help is much appreciated.