Logic Pro 8 loading samples into ultrabeat


I was wondering how I make my own ultrabeat kit out of the drum libraries provided by logic?

I used to be able to do this but lately I've been so focused on other aspects of logic, I forgot how.

I know to right click on the blue part, then click sample, and I know to drag the sample into the square on the bottom left, but I can't figure out how to open up all the individual drum hits, in the library. Instead, when I click on a kit, the entire kit loads up into my ultrabeat, which isn't what I want.

Of course I can click the arrow in the sample box, and it opens up all the individual kits, but then I have to load the sample up just to be able to hear how it sounds.

I used to know how to set it up so I had all the individual samples on the library to the right, then I could hear how each drum sounded BEFORE I loaded it into my kit.

Any guidance is much appreciated. Thank you very much!
ok well I figured out that when I click the arrow in the sample box, and it opens all the individual kits, I actually can listen to them without loading them up, but I'm pretty sure I used to be able to do it all from the library on the side, without even having to open a new window. Does anyone know how to do this?

Also, my drum sounds in ultrabeat are always panned to the right, even when panning is set to the middle. Does anyone know why this might be? I hate having to pan it left just to get the sound to hit in the middle.

Thanks again!
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Anyone know the answer to this? I'm pretty sure I used to be able to browse through all the drums in the library to the right, without having to open a new window at all.

Now the library only shows me the entire drum kits, I have to click the arrow in the sample window and then it opens up a new window for me to browse my kits. It's just more annoying. Any help is really appreciated. Thanks!!
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yea you can, but it's kind of complicated:

To layer drums in ultrabeat, go to the Environment window-Click & Ports and set up a Chord memorizer so the wires go from Input View to the chord memorizer then to the the Sequencer Input.

double click that chord memorizer and it shows you a keyboard on top and bottom. on the top, click one note, then on the bottom click 2 or 3 notes, however many you want.

Then, on ultrabeat, when you hit that one note, all the notes you layered play at once. The only catch is for some reason this starts at the note C2, so you can only layer from C2 on.

If you don't want to always have the notes layer, go back to environment window and set up a cable switcher before the chord memorizer, that way you can switch back and forth between normal style and the style that will do layers.
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