Logic Pro 9 Local Control Problem


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I'm using a Roland HP 307 directly into Logic 9. The local control function in the Roland will turn off the piano's speakers when not running through Logic but when I open Logic the local control function doesn't work to turn off the piano's speakers. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks
Two reasons are coming to my mind:
1.It looks like Logic is sending CC122(=127) somehow on project template loading which set the Local Control to ON via midi.
2. There is some hardware setting in the HP 307 which turns ON the Local Control automatically when you connect the device via midi to any DAW, other devices etc something like that...

Here is an alternative idea you can try in Logic in case you can not define the main reason which causing that:
1. Open the Logic Environment window and navigate to the Environment layer where is the HP 307 External Instrument object (it can be a Standard Instrument or a Multi Instrument).
2. Go to the environment menu "New" -> fader -> button to create a new environment button.
3. Select the button and change its output "-1-" default definition from 7 to 122.
4. Cable the button to the External Instrument object.
5. Go to the Logic Project Settings ->Midi->General->Miscellaneous and check/thick the box labeled as "All fader values".
6. Save the project as template.

On the next application loading Logic has to send CC122 =0 control change midi message (Local Control OFF) to the device.

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Logic Control Problem continues/ Professional Help?

Dear Tangra,
Thanks for your reply. I followed your instructions to the letter but it did not have the desired effect. The speakers are still sounding. Any other ideas?
I used Logic from V 2.4 and I've never been able to navigate the environment window. After one update around version 5 I hired a consultant to set it up for me and then copied the environment to each new version. This worked while I used the same synths (K2000, 05RW and Motif 8 controller ) but now that I've switched to the Roland HP 307 I can't get back up and working (I'm only a songwriter so I'm not losing any income because I don't have any ;-)
I think I'm now ready to hire someone again to solve this probably very simple problem. Anyone live in the NYC/NJ Metro area (Hoboken specifically) who might be interested in helping me out for a fee?
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