Logic Pro X Location for VST preset settings in Logic Pro X?


I have saved a lot of presets with various VSTS as settings in Logic Pro X.

Where do i find the folder for the preset settings? I want to rename the presets and organize them in folders like "BASS" "LEADS" etc?

Where do i find the preset settings for ES 2 synth?

See image below to see what i mean:
Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 10.25.19.png
The user settings are in folder User / Music / Audio Music Apps /Plug-in Settings / ES2
I found the ES 2 folder. But not the folder for the Dune presets saved as setting in the Dune VST. Remember that i'm not using the built-in SAVE function of the preset in the 3rd party VST synth, but the logic save setting function.

Pete Thomas

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I don't knowe Dune, but try user / Library / Audio /Presets.

(NB: I presume you mean AU, not VST)

You'll probably find that doing a Spotlight search won't find the preset files, but other (better) search apps such as Easyfind will find them.
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Peter Ostry

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There is no common place for preset files of third party plugins. Some let you store via the Logic menu, some have their own organization, some allow both. Location and format of the files may vary. You have to search for your presets or/and consult the plugin-manual (or the manufacturer if there is no manual).

Pete Thomas

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Or, just go to save a preset, it should show you with the folder it is going into when you go to save (along with hierarchy)

I'm sure Peter is correct, but the path I showed above certainly has quite a few 3rd party presets but yes, some will create their own path.

Or save something with a unique name and do a search for it