Logic Pro 9 lock tempo change to smpte time

Has anyone found a simple way to do this in Logic. I work from a cue sheet. I want to put in my hit points. I would like to put in a tempo change on important hits so that I can (manually or, hope against hope, automatically) create a tempo that will hit that hit point.

I do each cue individually. I don;t need some grand plan. I just need to be able to quickly find a good tempo to write the cue and to be able to massage the tempo to hit things well.

If anyone has Apple's ear, years ago cubase had this.
a linear "ruler" with time across the top and beats across the bottom. You would put in a time hit and a beat hit and link them and then "line up". DONE.

sure be nice to have that.



What you are trying to explain reminds me of the Logic "Beat Mapping". Search the manual about that feature.



DP's Find Tempo is amazing for this.

In Logic, you can use Tempo Operations to tell Logic to hit these two sync point in this many beats and it will generate tempo. You can also do ritards, accelerandos, etc. very easily here.