Logic Pro 7 & earlier Logic 5.10 & Logic 8?

I'm new to Logic 8 and I am running it on an 8core macPro but I'm trying to figure out the best way to send sessions to a friend that has Logic platinum 5.10 on a PC. What would be the best way to send him sessions? can Logic 5.10 open sessions from the most recent Logic Pro/Studio or do I have to bounce individual tracks and have him import them individually to a new session?:thmbup:


Try the export all tracks as audio files command under the file menu. This will export each track (that is unmuted) from the start of the project to the end.

FTR, it will include plug ins inserted on the tracks, but no volume information/automation.
Thank you; I will try it that way. All we are trying to do is send him the songs that I made for my friend to do vocals on, then he will add vocals and send them back to me. I will then add the vocals to the original session, mixing the session and add automation then.


In that case, why not just bounce a temp mix for him to work with. It'll save you both lots of work and hassle. Make sure to add a bar or two of click / count in at the beginning. It;s a good precaution that will help keep things in sync when moving the sessions back and forth. Have him include that same click with the vocal tracks he sends back.
I was thinking of bouncing down a rough mix to mp3, which I can email to him rather easily. Having him import the mp3 to a new session and than recording in his vocals. Next he can export the individual vocals tracks to audio and email me the stems to be inserted back into my Logic 8 sesssion,

Thanx again.