Logic Pro 7 & earlier Logic 6.4.1 crashing with metronome button after move to G5

Hi Gang,

I just moved Logic 6.4.1 to from a G4 10.3.9 to a G5 10.4.1. I've encountered two problems.

The most urgent:
1. Every time I click on the metronome button at the bottom to turn it off or on or change the settings, a window called "Song Info" opens instead and Logic immediately crashes. So I'm stuck not being able to turn the metronome on.

Only a nuisance:
2 In opening songs the first time (since the move) the audio files are not opening up automatically so I have to manually locate each one in the audio folder for the song. Not a huge deal but very time consuming.

Any advice on the above would be MOST appreciated!
Additional info

Additional info: I just tried going to FILE / SONG SETTINGS / METRONOME SETTINGS, and again, as soon as I chose Metronome setting Logic Crashed.
(1) is a known issue when using Logic 6.x on an unsupported (later) OS version. Either downgrade to 10.3.9, upgrade to Logic 7.x, or just don't do that. Assign a keycommand to metronome on/off.
GREAT! I didn't even know it had a shortcut key!....All these years....sheesh
Anyway, it is a good work around. Are there any other glitches in the 6.4 / 10.4 mismatch I should be braced for? I didn't want to go to 10.4 but it was the only way to do a straight clone move between computers. Darn.

THANK YOU for sparing me hours of frustration and crashing!