Logic Pro 7 & earlier Logic 6.4.1 / OS 10.4 metronome work around needed


I know there is a glitch with Logic 6.4.1 crashing when attempting to work with any metronome settings. I've been working around it for a year with a shortcut key to turn it off and on. But all of a sudden it's defaulted to the count in setting in record so I can't get the glick beyond the first two bars. Does anyone know the work around for that?? I can't go into any of the usual metronome pages or Logic crashes - it can only be done with a keystroke. The price I've paid for the Logic version / OS version mismatch.
6.4.3 for OSX

Not sure if youve solved your problem now or not but I recently managed (phew!) to track down a version of 6.4.3 which I am now using on OS 10.5.8
(was using that version previously on OS 9.2 but couldnt find it originally for OSX)

let me know if you want me to give you the link etc

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Hi Stephe! Thanks SO much for the reply. So, are you saying the 6.4.3 fixes the metronome issue?? If so, and you have a link where I can do that upgrade, then YES!

(I know...I really should update to the latest, but....)
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Hiya Shari,

Im not sure about the metronome issue (I dont have a problem with it (didnt have before in OS9.2 and I dont now Ive got the same version for OSX now)

Heres the place I found for it (eventually!) <LINK removed by Admin>
its no longer available on the Apple site or the Emagic site - and noone answered a single one of my messages on any of the Logic Forums.
When I first came across the toggle site I was a bit dubious at first cause it gives you a link for an installer exe - but it works - its fine. I eventually came back and tried it after every other avenue had failed and its great :eek:)

I had originally been using 6.4.3 on 9.2 and it has been fine - very stable.
I was recently persuaded to update to OSX which is not without its headaches owing to finding all the OSX versions of plugins etc.

Good luck - let me know how you get on

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I donned my Admin cap, and removed the link you posted.

Please note that as ownership of logic 6.4.3 is with Apple, so are the rights to distribute this software. Posting a link (even with the best will in the world, I know you were only trying to help a fellow Logic user) could be in breach of the EULA restrictions as to who may or may not distribute Apple software.

Of course, there wouldn't be any objections if you want to help out per PM ;)

kind regards

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