Logic Pro 8 Logic 6 EXS samples/instruments to Logic 8/9


can the EXS-24 sample folders and instruments from Logic 6 be added to Logic 8 and/or Logic 9? for some reason they either vanished or didn't transfer in when I went from 6 to 7 to 8 to 9...I'm sure they were there in 8 at some point but they're not anymore...very peculiar. And if so, what's the easiest/quickest way to accomplish this? thanks in advance...
update...an old partition on my startup drive is setup with OSX 10.4.11 (Tiger), and contains Logic 6, 7, and 8. Logic 6 and 7 won't open anymore for some reason-it stops during the startup process and I get the error message with "send this to Apple", etc.-but Logic 8 opens fine and the EXS-24 instruments menu has a folder called "Logic 6" with all the stuff I was looking for, as well as the old factory EXS stuff. However, I'm now running off another partition with 10.5.8 (Leopard). I'm pretty sure I used migration assistant to move everything over when I started using Leopard, but in any event the Logic 6 sampler instruments didn't make the trip, for whatever reason. How do I get that old stuff into Logic 8 on the Leopard partition? And assuming I can get it in there, will it automatically be in Logic 9 (also on the Leopard partition)?
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There was/is a specific detailed section in the update notes that goes into detail about what happens to your older stuff... there is a new folder made on your drive that contains all your old content, so it isn't gone. Check out the install notes....
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update notes/install notes? where...in the booklet? on the install DVD/s?

I just copied the instruments and samples over from the Logic 6 folder on the other partition, into Library/Application Support/Logic/etc....it all seems to work, although I probably duplicated some stuff (for instance, I'm sure some of the "Legacy" stuff is from the old Logic 6 "Factory" folder. But at least I got my old stuff back...it shows up in Logic 9 too.
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thanks...I'm sure I read through that but it wouldn't surprise me if I missed something in my haste to get 9 installed...apparently I didn't foul anything up doing it the way I did, but ultimately it may be better to do it their way, will check it out.
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from the install DVD:

>Note: If you have installed previous Logic versions on your computer, the Logic Studio installer may change files in the Logic factory content folder. Files with names identical to the default Logic factory content files are replaced. If upgrading from Logic Express 7 or Logic Pro 7, files with different names are moved to a new folder, called Previous Logic Settings.<

hmmm, not much there...I couldn't find the folder "Previous Logic Settings" but that didn't surprise me as Spotlight often can't find folders that I'm looking right at...seems like a random kind of thing. (Everything in Spotlight preferences is checked, so that's not it). I found a folder on the Leopard partition called "Emagic" that had all the stuff I was looking for in it, but Logic 8 obviously couldn't find it....this stuff baffles me. Honestly, I can't waste time figuring out the "why", I just want to move forward. What disturbs me is the way software companies allow things to just sort of fall off in the process, or worse yet, simply evaporate...remember Zap?...ever get an old "Zapped" project that someone wants opened...good luck!
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