Logic Pro 7 & earlier Logic 7 clean install.....


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i posted this on main logic thread, but thought i would also post here, as it is relevant to both boards, so sorry for redundancy...

Hi all, I have both Logic 7 and Studio installed on my cpu, and i have been using Logic 7 extensively for reasons i wont bore you with here.
My question is the following: my Logic 7 needs a clean install, i have all my install discs and dongle etc, I am just worried that doing so will impact Logic 8, ... does anyone have any advice and or warnings regarding the operation?

the reason i am doing a clean install is that is has been behaving funny, and little things like pulling up the reference guide etc opens the version from 5 or 6 etc....

thanks in advance!


It might affect the xs key framework used for Logic Studio. When I deleted everything dealing with Logic Pro 7 using AppDelete, it deleted everything with Logic Pro 7 including the xs key framework. I suggest don't do it unless you want to install both programs over again.
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