Logic Pro 7 & earlier logic 7 crash. HELP!!


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I cannot get logic 7 to open.

Everytime I try I get the message 'logic pro quit unexpectedly'.:brkwl:

I have uninstalled and reinstalled but didnt make any difference.

I am using an intel macbook pro running OS 10.6.8
I don't know that Snow Leopard even supports logic 7 anymore. You should probably update to at least 8. Or since you're running Snow Leopard, get Logic Pro X. It costs $199, but I think that's what the upgrade to 8 was priced at. Sucks because I was in the same boat as you....I paid $1000 for LP7!!! ouch
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Well ive got logic 9 already, its just that i want to run my old logic 7 tracks in logic 9.

After researching, I think I need to get logic 7.2 to be able to do that, because that version worked on intel macs.

So ill be able to open my tracks, save them, then hopefully get them to work on logic 9!......

Logic X does look pretty slick. But Im happy with 9 for now..

How did you pay that much!?!:eeek:
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Hi whenever I get a MAC problem the first thing I do is repair disc permissions under Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility

This may be irrelevant to your problem, but worth a shot....

Very surprised Logic 7 runs on your version of OSX! It came out in the era of Panther (OSX 10.3) and before.
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