Logic TDM Logic 7 TDM fails to see AU plugins


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I work on a Logic pro 7 with protools hd2 hardware rig, so I use the DAE and DTDM drivers. I have bought and installed some trird party audio unit plugins (like drumagog) but I cannot get them to show up in Logic.

When I load up a DTDM strip, I can see the stock logic AU in the insert list, but I cannot see any third party (the ones I bought).
In the AU manager every AU plugin shows correctly, is enabled, and validated just like my other Core audio logic rig.
I tried rescanning but it didn't work.

My plugs are located in the HD/Library/Audio/Plugins/Components

Any ideas?
DTDM is identical to Core Audio, if you see that in core audio you should see that in dtdm aswell.

Maybe are you in a mono channel strip and the plug-in is only stereo? or the opposite? or maybe you are searching for it as effect while is an instrument? or the opposite ?
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I can't see the plugins in Core audio too.

In the Au maganer its all there and validated.
No the plugin works in mono too. It has a mono version. I know because it works on my other logic 9/core audio with apogee system.
No its not an instrument, its a plugin.
When I open the Insert/Audio Units menu it just has 10 blank white boxes.

Thanks for the help
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I don't think this is a manufacturer issue, because it is not possible that all my Audio Units don't show up. If it was one or two, then it might have been a plugin issue, so I would call the manufacturer.

Do you guys see your Audio units in your own Logic TDM systems?
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you will never show audiounit plugs on the tdm mixer
on the tdm mixer you will see tdm plug-ins, that is nothing to do with the audiounit manager
if you see the plugs on the audiounit manager you will be able to see them in the DTDM mixer aswell as the core audio one.

if you create a tdm channel you will never see those plugs!!

Are you a new tdm user?

Can you please post some screeenshots about your issue?
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I know it won't show audio unit plugins in the DAE tracks.

I cannot see them in DTDM or CoreAudio tracks either!
But I CAN see stock Audio unit plugins on DTDM and Coreaudio tracks. The issue is only with third party ones.

I don't know if I can post pictures because the computer is not connected to the internet, plus some other difficulties. I will try though.

Yes I am a new tdm user. But this seems weird to me, I think I am doing everything the right way.
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