Logic Pro 8 logic 8 and firestudio won't ...


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started using logic 8 express and firestudio project interface through an macbookpro... everything is at least 4 years old

there is an adaptor for the firewire b/w the laptop and firestudio, as the firestudio was old firewire, and laptop new...

basic problem is that sound goes from logic to firestudio, but not from firestudio to logic

have learned to import audio files via itunes, using fx, bouncing tracks, understand logic basics... and logic plays fine through the interface into speakers..

BUT, I cant get logic to recognize inputs on firestudio... ie, speak into mic, comes out of speakers, but logic doesn't show that it gets the signal

when opening new project, i tried various settings, like "ascending inputs", designating where to go, assigning 8 inputs for firestudio's 8 channels, but no luck

any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated