Logic Pro 8 Logic 8 and MBox 2


So what's the latest scoop on logic working with the Mbox2. I need to have Protools LE AND logic 8 on my Macbook Pro 10.5.5 and don't want to have to use 2 different interfaces. Are there still problems with the digi core audio drivers? I already have M-Powered PT 7.4.2 installed...will this cause a driver conflict in Logic if I purchase the MBox? Thanks for any input.


I have a M-Box2 Pro, and it works great with Logic Pro, and FW busses with 4 drives over the 2 busses (2 on the FW00, and the M-Box 2 Pro with a FW 400 drive, connected to the FW 800 buss with an adapter cable). No worries over here,

George Leger III
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