Logic 8 and Novation Automap Pro

Howie Roxx

I need some help.

Does anyone know how to keep 'Novation Automap Pro' from auto-loading every-time I start-up Logic 8?

I do not use the Novation Music application very often. However, I have not found a way to keep it from auto-loading and taking up precious resources and time.

True, I can quit the application after it is finished loading. But that is terrible annoying and there are times that I forget to "quit it" and find it in the background while I am composing music in Logic 8 and it is occupying physical memory.

Thank you in advance,

MacBook Pro 17"
2.33 Ghz
4 gigs of RAM
Tiger OS X 10.4.11


The simplest way to stop it loading is to move the 'Automap Sever' application out of the Applications folder. (perhaps just mov it to the desktop).

Howie Roxx

Hey Matt,

Wow... that is easy. I will try that on the next boot-up. I would never have thought of that. Easy is always best.

I have been annoyed with that issue for a couple on months.