Logic 8 and Novation Automap Pro

Howie Roxx

I need some help.

Does anyone know how to keep 'Novation Automap Pro' from auto-loading every-time I start-up Logic 8?

I do not use the Novation Music application very often. However, I have not found a way to keep it from auto-loading and taking up precious resources and time.

True, I can quit the application after it is finished loading. But that is terrible annoying and there are times that I forget to "quit it" and find it in the background while I am composing music in Logic 8 and it is occupying physical memory.

Thank you in advance,

MacBook Pro 17"
2.33 Ghz
4 gigs of RAM
Tiger OS X 10.4.11


The simplest way to stop it loading is to move the 'Automap Sever' application out of the Applications folder. (perhaps just mov it to the desktop).