Logic Pro 9 logic 8 delay designer settings that disappeared in logic 9


hi gang,
i upgraded to logic 9 last night,
and i noticed that some delay designer settings that that i've used in logic 8 projects have disappeared in logic 9's delay designer pre-set.
specifically: the melodic patterns 01 - 06 (or so).

i would really like to get these configurations back into the delay designer.

does anyone know if there is a place where i can go and download those (pst) files and put them back into my arsenal?:)


i'm new to the forum
switched from 15-20 years of PC (sonar and fl studio) to mac / logic 8 last year. upgrade to logic 9 this week. and i will never look back
you can go to my reverbnation link if you want to hear what i'm doing with logic 8 (if you care)... some of the older pieces down towards the bottom of the play list are sonar / fl studio pieces.

enough about me...
i found an perfect example of this...

on page 53 of the cute-lil-handbook logic pro 9 (in lieu of 'real' manual, cough, cough) there's a picture showing the settings for logic 8!! delay designer settings. these clearly show the melodic 01, etc. that are not in logic 9... any way to get these back into logic 9?

they are really sweet.
i found that the ones i used in previous logic 8 projects are still in these projects... so i can 'saveas' and store them for use later, but i didn't save every single setting from logic 8...

any ideas?
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I found them here:
/Library//Application Support/Soundtrack Pro/Plug-In Settings/Delay Designer/03 Melodic Patterns/

It's a bit weird but at least you can copy them back to your logic plugin settings ;)

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Can someone post these? I didn't install Soundtrack and I never will. Don't get me started on my opinion of it or this will end up on the moan zone. ;)
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PS: I never understood why Apple strips functions from Logic. The best example is the number of automatic back ups you can store. You can override the fixed limit (I prefer 50 backups versus 10) by editing the preference file. This used to be an adjustable setting in Logic 7.
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How about this. Logic 8 General Preferences:


and in Logic 9:


kind regards

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PERFECTO! Ahhhhh, it's the little things in life that really add up! :D

Maybe we'll get lucky and Logic 10 will give us back the "advanced" functionality of Delay Designer in SoundTrack, lol.
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