Logic Pro 8 Logic 8 does not see UAD-1 card


I run Logic 8 on a mac G4 running Mac OS 10.4.10

I am new to Logic, having been a Cubase user for a number of years.

Problem is that my suite of UAD-1 plug-ins does not appear in the Audio Units Manager. I am sure that the onboard Logic effects are good but I can't do without my UAD plugs!

In contrast, Cubase SX sees the plug-ins.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Rerun the installer and make sure you select the AU versions as well as the VST versions. Back in the day when using both of these computers, you had to make sure you did this correctly (and it used the VST to AU converter app FXpansion used to sell).

So, a reinstall with both VST and AU selected will work.


Hi George

Thanks for your reply.

I presume you mean reinstall Logic?

I am pretty sure I ticked the AU plug-ins box when installing Logic because the AU plug-ins that came with it have been installed.

No I meant reinstall the UAD plug-ins. Then run Logic 32 bit to make sure they are seen by Logic Pro, and then run 64 bit Logic (IF that is the version you run).

Pete Thomas

Staff member
I'm a bit confused, you say you are a new Logic user. Which version of Logic 8 is it? If you were sold this recently, did the shop make you aware that this is not a current version, it's quite old now. I would take it back, get a refund and buy Logic 9 from the App store. It is way better than trying to struggle with Logic 8.


Thanks Pete but I got Logic 8 because it will run on my G5 which has PCI slots which means I can keep my UAD card and my PCI 424 card without having to upgrade them. Total cost of upgrading to intel mac plus new cards would be in the region of £2000 at least. Can't afford that and for a few extra features on Logic 9, don't see that much benefit.