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Welcome to the Logic 8 FAQ. Here you will find a collection of questions and answers which are commonly asked with regard to using logic. If there is some piece of information you think belongs here, feel free to forward suggestions to a moderator or administrator, or post about it in the Logic forum.

1. Q: Do I still need the XS Key

Only if you have purchased a Logic Studio or Express Upgrade package: In this case, during the installation of the Logic upgrade, the XSkey must be present in a USB slot on the Mac. After that it may be removed and stored, but please remember, you will need it again should you wish to re-install logic studio. Of course, should you wish to go back to logic 5,6 or 7, the key is still necessary to run those versions. If you buy a full retail version of Logic Studio or Logic 8 Express you will not need an XS Key at all.

2. Q:Is it possible to store Jam Pack content on a seperate drive from the System drive?

A: Yes. While it isn't possible to globally select the drive, you can open each Jam Pack menu in the installer and manually select the drive destination for the samples in each of them.

3. Q: can logic 7 and 8 be installed on the same system?

A: Yes, Installing Logic Studio will not overwrite Logic 7. You may then continue to work with logic 7, provided the XS Key is attached to the computer. During the install process,the existing Logic Pro gets renamed to Logic Pro 7.

Note: In order to continue to work with nodes in Logic 7, the old node program should be renamed BEFORE installing Logic Studio.

4. Q: What are the main differences between Logic Express 8 and Logic Studio 8?

A: Logic Express is missing these features

- Support for high-end professional control surfaces (Euphonix and SmartAV Konsolen)
- DAP (Nodes)
- Surround

Vintage Series
- EVP88
- EVB3
- EVD6

Advanced Instruments and FX
- Sculpture
- Space Designer
- Delay Designer

Mastering FX
- Linear Phase EQ
- Match EQ
- Multipressor
- AdLimiter
- Multimeter

Additionally, these Programs, part of Logic Studio, are not suppiled with Logic Express 8: MainStage, Waveburner, Soundtrack Pro and the JamPacks.

5. Q: Is it finally possible to opt to select a track without selecting all the regions on the track, or, in the case of cycle being set, all the regions in the cycle area?

A: Yes - go to Preferences -> Global -> uncheck "Select Regions on Track Selection"

Note: It was and remains possible to select a track without selecting its regions by holding the shift key. If you opt for unchecking this preference, then holding the shift key will allow you to select a track together with its regions.

6. Q: What about compatibility between logic 8 and earlier versions of Logic:

Logic 8 can open Logic songs from Logic 5, 6 and 7. It is not possible to open songs made with Logic 4 or earlier in Logic 8.

Logic 8 Projects CANNOT be opened in earlier versions of Logic.

7. Q: I want to use my autoload as a start up song.

A: Logic 8 doesn't rely on an autoload, rather, there is a series of templates.

The solution is to store your autoload in Mac HD > Library > Application Support > Logic > Project Templates in one of the available folders. This is important in order to be able to carry out the following, otherwise the song won't be recognized.

Now set Preferences -> Global -> Project Handling ->Startup action -> Create New Project from Template then navigate to and open your autoload.

If you wish to use your logic 7 autoload, it must first be loaded in Logic 8 and saved as a Logic 8 project, with the file ending .logic

Note: An elegant alternative method is to create a "Project Templates" Folder in the equivalent folder under user. Any songs stored there will automatically be accessible in a folder called "my templates". It is also possible to create sub folders there.

8. Q: What is the situation with regard to upgrading Educational or Academic versions of Logic.

Those XSkeys which are NOT entitled to upgrades are:

Blue XSkeys labelled "Education"
White XSkeys labelled "Education"

9. Q: How do I turn the mouse into a magnifying glass in Logic 8?

A: - Ctrl + Option (Alt) + Click

10. Q: What options are available to open the toolbox in Logic 8?

A: There are a lot of ways to do this, choose whichever suits your workflow:

Press the Esc Key, or, Ctrl + Right Mouse Button

Note: The various tools in the toolbox are now numbered, and may be very quickly accessed by pressing and holding Esc and then pressing the corresponding number. In the arrange window, these are:

1 - Pointer
2 - Pencil
3 - Eraser
4 -Text
5 -Scissors
6- Glue
7- Solo
8 -Mute
9 -Zooom
0 -Crossfade
Q -Automation Select
W- Automation Curve
E -Marquee

In addition, Logic 8 offers a complete second set of tools. These are visible in the top right hand corner of the arrange and other windows. They can be accessed by pressing and holding the Comm key.
Even more - logic can be configured to offer a third tool. If you go to preferences -> global -> editing, and set the right mouse button to "Is assignable to a tool", a third tool will appear to the right of the other two. As an example, if you assign the scissors tool, right clicking in a region will the split it at the selected position.

11. Q: There is a lot of space in the body of the arrange window lost when the new areas are visible. How can I best manage this?

A: These new parts of the arrange page can be toggled to be displayed or hidden. A quick way is to make use of these standard Logic 8 Key Commands.

Toggle: Standard Key Command:

The Media Area/Bin on the Right B
The Event List on the Right E
The Media Area/Browser on the Right F
The Marker List List on the Right K
Loop Browser on the Right O
Library on the Right Option + L
Tempo List on the Right T

Inspector on the left side I

The Piano Roll Drawer P
Sample Editor Drawer W
Mixer Drawer X
Score Editor Drawer N
Hyper Editor drawer Y
Transport User Assignable

Global Tracks above Arrange G

The toolbar running along the top of the arrange window can be toggled by pressing the oval button in the extreme top right hand corner.

12. Q: How can I select Plugins using the same menu structure as in Logic 7?

A: Hold the shift key when clicking on an insert. This shows the old Mono or Mono -> Stereo options, followed by AU or Logic. Holding Shift plus Alt shows stereo only.

13. Q: I know that there is a new version of Logic available, but I cannot update my version, neither per Software Update, nor per Download?

In order for Logic Updates to work, two important criteria have to be fullfilled:
Firstly, the Program must be named either "Logic Pro" or Logic Express"
Secondly, it MUST be located on your system HD, in the Applications Folder. Logic installs here per default.

The correct name and locations are also mandatory in order to update Waveburner and other Pro Apps.

14. Q: What if I am unsure about updating? Can I prevent my my current version of Logic from being overwritten?

The way to go about this is to copy "logic Pro" to another location on your System. Then, run the updater. The original Logic Pro in the Applications folder will be updated. When this is finished, rename the copy - if, for example you went from Logic Pro 8.0.1 to 8.0.2, then you could name the copy "Logic Pro 8.0.1". You can then move this back into applications, or, if you prefer, run it from another location on your system.

15. Q: I have a multicore Mac, and am having problems with Core Audio overload messages. Can I do anything to prevent these?

Here is an Apple Knowledge Base Document dealing with and giving advice about this issue:
Logic Pro 8: Tips for balancing multi-core performance

16: Q: How can I use a lot of Samples, exceeding the amount of RAM installed in my system?

The EXS 24 uses a method described in this Apple Knowledge Base Document:
Logic Pro/Express 8: How the EXS24 sampler addresses RAM in Logic 8

17. Q: Latency is confusing me. How can I learn more about it so I can set up logic to suit how I work?
Here in logic-users-group.com are some very useful tips:

A: Here is an Apple Knowledge Base Document explaining how to set Buffer Sizes in Logic in order to optimize latency:
Logic: Learn about I/O buffer size and monitoring latency
18. Q: Sometimes when I solo a signal, I still hear others. Why is this, and how can I correct it?
Here is an Apple Knowledge Base Document explaining Solo safe mode:

Logic Pro, Express: Solo Safe mode may not remain disabled for a particular channel strip
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