Logic Pro 8 Logic 8 hangs on initializing loop browser


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Been using logic 8 on my Power PC and I have 9 on my Intel Mac Book Pro 17" for a while now and this is a first for me. I was placing several loops into the loop browser from my Mach 5 folder. Noticed that these were .wav files. I think this caused the problem. Logic chocked and gaged! Had to force quit and now it does not restart. I've reloaded it several times after removing prefs and receipts and main app. Still won't start. Using this on:

Model Name: Power Mac G5
Model Identifier: PowerMac7,3
Processor Name: PowerPC G5 (3.0)
Processor Speed: 2.5 GHz
Number Of CPUs: 2
L2 Cache (per CPU): 512 KB
Memory: 4.5 GB
Bus Speed: 1.25 GHz
Boot ROM Version: 5.1.8f7

Is there a way to do a clean uninstall? I must be missing something.

Help me somebody!!!! Can I just install the app or should I do the BIG install that takes several years? :brkwl:


Logic's loop browser needs to have Apple Loops, you can convert your M5 wav loops using the Apple Loop Utility app that came with your Logic Studio installation.


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Thanks Chrisb, My biggest problem right now is I can't get the program to run! I really need to know where all the possible problems might be.


Try removing your apple loops index files from the Finder before relaunching Logic. This may help - if that's where the corruption is. You'll find them in both your Library folders (user and global) within the Audio sub folders.


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It's alive!!!

Thanks that did it. I didn't realize that audio loops were in both libraries. That fixed it!:)