Logic Pro 8 Logic 8 keeps crashin

why does massive synth crash my logic and corrupt the proj?

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everytime I use the massive synth in a project it corrupts the project so it crashes and that project crashes everytime I try to open it again. Its a pain cos it means I have to stay away from the native instruments synths that I have in case the same happens. Although it doesn't happen with the absynth or FM7. Least I don't think it does. Does anyone know what is wrong with my system? Is it a bug? Is it some kind of conflict? I beg a tech head resolve my problem......My system is a 2008 black macbook with OS X 10.5.8 running logic pro 8. I have lots of plugins installed including IK multimedia ones and some demos. The poll was an accident. Once you tick the box you cant go back!


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Instead of opening a poll, wouldn't it make more sense to write some details about your system?



Massive is massive. It was the only Komplete plug-in that I could not run on my old computer. You probably need more processing power= new computer...
I'm running it on a new Intel Mac book Pro and it's great.
Thanks mate

Cool. Can I just add that my macbook is an intel macbook 2.4ghz duel core with 4GB of RAM. Is this really true that massive is just too big combined with logic? Appreciated.

hmmm... actually your machine should run Massive just fine- not sure of the problem- what version of Massive are you running- have you run the Service Center recently?

Also do you have another host you can test Massive operation in?
easy eddie....its massive 1.1 and I have just tried it as stand alone and it unexpectidley quits every time. Massive is definately a problem somehow? But what? I dont have another platform to test on. However, do you think I should uninstall the Komplete 5 and try a re-install? I am boggled and you know you gotta get sounding massive! Cheers mate.

If the other components of Komplete are working fine I'd say reinstalling the whole bundle would be a waste of time, Massive is it's own product.

Have you contacted Native Instruments at all about this?
Yes I did get a response from native instruments but they weren't able to help much. They said I should check for conflicts whatever this means? Please help. I am not so techy in this department. Come on eddie use your magic wand mate.