Logic Pro 8 Logic 8 starts showing edits I haven't made


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I'm working in Logic 8 on an Imac OSX 10.5.8 with 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and memory: 4 GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM. I've had no trouble before, but now I'm breaking down a solo piano concert recording. Trouble starts when I cannot move a region--that I've just separated with a scissors cut--down to the next available track. I'm saving after each step. So I shut down the computer. When I come back, I can move the track. But then after awhile, when I want to make an edit on one track, the edit also shows up on the track above. I try moving the track I'm working on to one track down. That works once. But then on another, it won't move. Then I find most of the tracks I've already worked on and left as whole regions now have apparent edits in them. Ideas?


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Me again. After the apparent edits appear, I cannot eliminate them by command z. And the sequence of the edits is scrambled. I didn't realize that before my last save. So have to start over. This is after a few hours of wasted effort.
All I can suggest is to make sure you are using the very last version of 8.

Logic Pro 8 was the worst version of Logic I can remember, it was unreliable and caused me all sorts of issues. I remember something like this, though it's been years since I ran it.

Logic Pro 9 is way more stage and in my opinion a much better app. If you can find a way to upgrade to Logic 9 and OS 10.6.8 you would be in way better hands....


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OK thanks. I see ads for Mountain Lion on the Apple site. It doesn't say what OSX number that is. Is it an OSX? If not, where should I go to get the OSX version you recommend. And do I have to buy Logic 9, as if it were my first purchase of a Logic software? Or can I buy a simple upgrade to Logic 9? If so, where?
10.6 is snow leopard. I suggest the 1 step upgrade because it's the easiest one to do. once you hit 10.7 things started to have issues 9screen redraws, HD drivers, etc. They have mostly been resolved now, but why tempt fate ;-).

Ask a round to see if someone has 10.6 discs they might sell, and yes, 10.6 is mac OS X (X stands for 10).

Logic is now $200 direct from the apple store, but you need to have 10.6.8 to get it, or 10.7 or higher.

Me, I'd do the thing I suggested: 10.6.8 upgrade THEN got to Logic Pro 9.1.8 and you are good to go.

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after splitting and moving the region hold ctrl and click on the region, then click the very top..um..thing which is 'convert to new audio file(s) this will make it an independant file and changes won't affect the original. (i use logic 9 and don't actually know if this will work for you but give it a go)

if not try selecting it then clicking the audio tab at the top of the arrange window and see if that option or something similar is there.